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  • RE: The T-SQL Quiz

    declare @i int

    declare @ia int

    declare @ib-2 int

    declare @ic int

    declare @startTime datetime

    declare @endTime datetime

    set @startTime = GETDATE()

    set @i = 1

    while @i <101


      Set @ia = @i%3

      Set @ib-2 =...

  • RE: No Outlook for Alerts!

    No http - no go.

    You could redirect the output to open an instance of word, excel, etc., then use this accross the lan but there are some issues with this especially with...

  • RE: SQL Server Barcodes

    Great code.  Thanks 

  • RE: No Outlook for Alerts!

    Sorry the line strClass = "Win32_NTEventLog"

    Should read:

    strClass = "Win32_NTLogEvent"



  • RE: No Outlook for Alerts!

    If you go to command prompt and type in wbemtest and enter.

    Hit connect.

    Change the location from:

    root\default to root\cimv2 and hit login

    Hit enumerate classes, use recursive radio button, hit ok

    You will...

  • RE: Scripted Server Snapshot

    You can remove the titles from the loop. 


  • RE: Scripted Server Snapshot

    Great ideas.  Thanks.


  • RE: Scripted Server Snapshot

    Regarding the problem with outputing to Word.  The DBName has nulls.  We used an If..Then to detect the Null, and output "no db" else the name of the database.  If...

  • RE: You Want To Do What, with MY Database?

    The main idea is to generate an output as a webpage accessible by browser that isolates the sql server from the user.  I don't want to rebuild the server and...

  • RE: Monitoring Drive and Database Free Space

    I found this an easier approach

    I run the following batch file at logon:

    cscript status.vbs

    rem pause

    The status.vbs is as below, you need admin access, the name of the computer and a...

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)