You Want To Do What, with MY Database?

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  • Thanks for this article... Is going to come very handy for me in the future.

  • I like the idea of it, and always love learning about new stored procedures, but chances are good I'd find a different way of getting to the output.

  • The main idea is to generate an output as a webpage accessible by browser that isolates the sql server from the user.  I don't want to rebuild the server and restore the data.

    We still generate static web pages like the one shown.  We still use the sql report builder, customized front ends and crystal  reports.

    And we use php, html, xml, asp and/or vbs with iis or apache for dynamic web pages.

    Glad you enjoyed the article.

  • Please advise:

    In the following command:

    EXECUTE sp_makewebtask @outputfile = 'd:\harvestwise\hwsystem\pickup\PMDRpt.html', @query = 'EXECUTE spMoveSelect @Action=3, @ID=0, @Var1=19', @templatefile = 'd:\harvestwise\hwsystem\pickup\PMDRpt.tpl'

    I am getting the errors:

    Server: Msg 2812, Level 11, State 1, Line 0

    Could not find stored procedure 'spMoveSelect'.

    Server: Msg 16805, Level 11, State 1, Procedure sp_makewebtask, Line 125

    SQL Web Assistant: Could not execute the SQL statement.

    The stored proc is part of a database called YMCA.  I'm wondering how to specify this in the exec command.  Or is there something else I'm missing

    Suggestions would be appreciated!

    thanks in advance,


  • Perhaps you need more naming information for the procedure. The call will make assumptions based on the current server/database that you are connected to, so if the procedure is else where, you need to include that information.

    EXEC sp_makewebtask

    @outputfile = 'd:\harvestwise\hwsystem\pickup\PMDRpt.html',

    @query = 'EXEC [server].[databasse].[owner].spMoveSelect @Action=3, @ID=0, @Var1=19',

    @templatefile = 'd:\harvestwise\hwsystem\pickup\PMDRpt.tpl'

    Ha... just noticed the date of the post I was replying to, but perhaps this will be helpful to someone else...

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