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  • RE: SQL 2005 admin /MSDE / SSE

    Just for information, the RPC service is running on these servers


  • RE: SQL 2005 admin /MSDE / SSE

    could you be more specific as to what i am looking for?

    Why would would the openquery work in that circumstance?

  • RE: Getting excel file into sql table

    Having read sellertools response, I would concur.

    The reason I am sweeping the directory is that we perform other tasks at os level as well

    The check sellertools is using will mean...

  • RE: Last Business Day of Each Month

    Hi there....recently had our MI guys ask me for such functions too.

    As we needed to know first of month, last of month, last working day etc, have a number of...

  • RE: Need some help on a simple query

    hi there

    I think it would be quicker to use

    where left(course_id,3)='ISM'

    as this is a more exact match.  Wildcards tend to slow things down


  • RE: how to create a new user


    you need the following


    @loginame = 'login' ,

    @passwd = 'password' ,

    @defdb = 'database', 

    @deflanguage = 'language'

    you then need to grant access to databases:

    change to database and

    exec sp_grantdbaccess 'login'  

    to add user to a role

    exec sp_addrolemember 'dbo','login'


  • RE: This Works in FoxPro?


    the error is caused by the fact that you are select column 3, but are not grouping by it.

    all non-aggregate columns must be included in the group by clause.

    simply changing...

  • RE: Truncate log on checkpoint

    Hi David

    when you say if you rely on transaction logs, what do you mean?

    I have, like you, set it in dev.  Our live environment uses FULL recovery.  We do 30min...

  • RE: Problem connecting to the remote server


    Does the server you are connecting to have a named instance? If so you will need to specify this.

    As a default, sqlsserver will try to connect to a default unnamed...

  • RE: have data in excel to import to ms sql 2000??


    Its hard to say without seeing your example: maybe type it?

    DTS allows scripting using ActiveX, so for instance if you have a text field MM/YYYY you can easily extract the...

  • RE: Scheduling DTS packages

    Almost definetly a permissions problem

    I suspect you are logged in with full rights, but these are not available to your account that runs SQL Agent as Andrew says

    Right click on...

  • RE: DTS through ASP

    ok yuvraj, i suspect that is your problem

    If you setup your package to work from your local machine, it runs from that machine.

    I suspect that if you can get onto...

  • RE: DTS through ASP


    I may have got a little confused here....

    If you are able to execute successfully through DTS Designer, but are using a local version of Enterprise Manager to do it, it is...

  • RE: Getting excel file into sql table

    This depends on how the file gets there

    If you are loading via ftp/asp for instance, your asp page can check for a correct load and then execute a corresponding DTS...

  • RE: DTS through ASP

    Hi Yuvraj

    Can you confirm that you have built the package in DTS Designer and successfully executed if from there and that the problem only occurs when you run it through...

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