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  • Hello,


    I have six tables (COURSE, FACULTY, IS_QUALIFIED, IS_REGISTERED, SECTION, and STUDENT). What I need to do is create a query to display the course ID and course name for all courses with an ISM prefix. I have so far:



    FROM COURSE, Course_ID, Course_Name


    My question is how do I create the last parameter that results in just courses with an ISM prefix?




  • If I got your problem correctly,

    u can use Like command


    Where Course_ID Liek 'ISM%'

    is this the answer you are looking for

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  • Hi Dinesh,


    I have good news! This query works like a charm. I added DMC 4458 and ISM 4444 as new Course_ID’s and only ISM 4444 returned along with the other ISM’s. Thanks Dinesh for your help and input.


    SELECT Course_Name, Course_ID


    WHERE (Course_ID LIKE 'ISM%')

    ORDER BY Course_Name DESC


  • hi there

    I think it would be quicker to use

    where left(course_id,3)='ISM'

    as this is a more exact match.  Wildcards tend to slow things down


  • Thanks Ross,

    It works great.


  • Actually, LIKE 'something%' will perform better (only when you're looking from the beginning of the string - LIKE '%something%' will do a table scan).

    This is because LIKE can use an index, if an appropriate one exists. The other string functions use table scans.


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