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  • RE: Difference between Truncate and Delete

    great article Thanks

  • RE: T-SQL

    SELECT books.bk_no

    FROM books

    INNER JOIN ordered_items

    ON books.bk_no = ordered_items.bk_no

    GROUP BY books.bk_no

    HAVING COUNT(ordered_items.bk_no)>2

    This is beause you haven't included the'books.title' in your group by

    What you can do is

    select * from books


  • RE: Joining a Table

    The relationship between those two tables are many-to-many.

    You can use select * from contact join (select max(owner_id) from transactions group by owner_id) b

    on = b.owner_id

    You can also check...

  • RE: best way to find nulls? where [MyColumn] is null

    I agree.

    Null is an very interesting data type.



    if a=b then 'Yes'



    You will expect to get No since you cannot compare two null values.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)