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  • RE: Rounding Down query

    Thanks Ken


    Much better than my rather convoluted calculation!

  • RE: Rounding Down query

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks for that response - I fully understand and agree with your statements.

    My problem, however, and perhaps I didn't really make it clear, is that the software suppliers update...

  • RE: Comparing datetime column with todays date


    I think we need some more information before we can help!


    Are you trying to match a record in your table with the exact date and time as the date and...

  • RE: Rounding Down query

    Thanks AJ Ahrens

    There doesn't seem to be a simple solution!

    I'll have a look at this and see about a function.

  • RE: Datediff with a result like 26:32 (HH:MM) HOW ???

    Hi Mark

    I guess it is just as rockmoose said, there are many ways to achieve this, and the CASE statement is the first one that came to mind!  Nothing to...

  • RE: Datediff with a result like 26:32 (HH:MM) HOW ???

    The query needs to be complicated slightly if you want to see a two digit figure after the colon when the time difference has less than 10 minutes:




    SELECT @date1...

  • RE: Understanding Error Messages

    Thanks to you both, mimorr and Edward - I had already worked out where the problem was, and what the error meant. 

    My question was more around the error message...

  • RE: Suppressing OSQL output


    If you add SET NOCOUNT ON to your sql, you will not get the (x rows affected) line at the bottom of the output.  This should also take care of...

  • RE: DTS Global Variable problem

    Thanks Bellis

    That is what I ended up doing!

    I was just trying to keep everything tidy and not have to have an extra table holding this one value.  It certainly was...

  • RE: DTS Global Variable problem

    , thanks Greg.

    Not quite sure how to go about that!

    I'll give it a go, but in the meantime, if anyone has any examples, they...

  • RE: Sequential Numbering


    Absolutely perfect - thanks!

    I was obviously trying to complicate matters.


    Thanks again


  • RE: DTS Task, Batch File and "Process returned code 255 error"

    All you need to do, is put two = signs between your custom error parameter and the value e.g.



    Hope this helps.


  • RE: Dynamic Table Creation

    Thanks Greg

    I modified this a little to parse in the rowcount from the previous table which enabled me to create how ever many columns were needed.

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