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  • RE: Logical processors

    Toni-256719 (9/22/2016)

    If the correct answer is 24 logical processors, the newsletter is incorrect.

    Imagine that, you'd think they'd have corrected the e-mail they'd already sent out when they corrected the question...

  • RE: Logical processors

    Although incorrect, the answer does highlight an interesting difference between a virtual machine and a physical machine where it comes to logical CPU usage which I never knew about, so...

  • RE: VALUES limit

    I do wonder why the limit is set at that. Is it just an arbitrary number Microsoft plucked from the air, or is there an actual reason for it?

  • RE: Updating a View with CHECK

    Yeah, I think the answer depends on what the hire date of Employee 2 in the database is, and since we don't know that (the question doesn't specify) then either...

  • RE: A Case FOR Cursors...

    Hugo Kornelis (9/12/2016)

    That isn't actually what you *said*, though? You said that a (well written) cursor will never, ever beat a WHILE loop, which implies the WHILE is faster?

  • RE: A Case FOR Cursors...

    dbishop (9/9/2016)built a recursive CTE off the final temp table then use a WHILE loop against the final result, but really! Just to avoid using a cursor?

    A WHILE loop is...


    RonKyle (9/6/2016)

    What could have thrown me was that I though ET was 5 hours off GMT. ET is five hours behind time in England and 6 in central Europe....


    Got it wrong--read the examples in the AT TIME ZONE article and noticed they were returning the same time, but a different datetime offset, so assumed the same would happen...

  • RE: Union Date/Time Data Types

    Mikael Eriksson SE (8/25/2016)

    If you let this run for a while you will eventually get 1 row back from the query.

    Yeah, I was going to say that ought to be...

  • RE: Time zones

    Got the wrong answer, but that's because I pretty much clicked at random...I wanted to know the actual answer and my Google-fu failed me in finding it. Odd that functionality...

  • RE: The Max datetime

    Nakul Vachhrajani (8/16/2016)

    A datetime allows the time component to be 23:59:59.

    But it also allows the date component to be up to 9999-12-31, so none of the answers would be correct...

  • RE: Temp Table Foreign Keys

    Got it wrong because I didn't realise SQL didn't enforce foreign keys on temp tables, so I learned something. Bit more information would have been nice, though, as said above.

  • RE: The altered view

    D'oh, I must be blind...completely failed to notice the column in the view was called Qty while the SELECT was querying against OrderQty. :crying:


    Terje Hermanseter (6/6/2016)

    Since we don't have a 2016 server that I could test this on, I tried to read the documentation for clues. Found this article,, but sadly it...

  • RE: Remote Connection problem on Standalone instance

    Brandie Tarvin (5/25/2016)

    So now I need to get with the server admin and see if a CNAME record depends on a specific port associated with an IP address or not.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 831 total)