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  • RE: Transferring stored procedures (SQL Server 2k)

    Please save your stored procedure source code in files as you type those the first time. Then store those files of SP source code in a safe place (say, version...

  • RE: Excrypting Database Objects

    Ravi, to avoid loosing your objects, encripted or not, store the source code of all objects in text files, preferably with some version control software.


  • RE: data synch

    Why not do a backup of your DEV and restore on TST and STG. This would be much faster then DTS and assure the absolute equivalence of the databases including...

  • RE: Memory is not Utilized by SQL Server

    I tried to force the server to utilize more memory by creating a table variable and feeding it with the huge amount of data. It had no affect on the...

  • RE: Upper case string to Title case conversion

    You can do it by utilizing string functions of SQL Server including REPLACE, ASC, CHAR, etc. But the code will be... not pretty and slow. It makes sense to consider...

  • RE: Excrypting Database Objects

    You can use WITH ENCRYPTION option with stored procedures, user-defined functions, triggers and views alike. Those store their source code is syscomments table. If you specify WITH ENCRYPTION, syscomments does...

  • RE: Tracing an unexpected change

    You have several options. The first one is to use SQL Profiler. Create a new trace, set appropriate filters (including ObjectName to the name of the table desired). The second...

  • RE: Has Indexed View Materialized?

    Mark, thank you. It helped.


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  • RE: DTS packages and Triggers

    When you have an INSERT trigger on table A, it deals with as many rows as many were inserted into your table A by a single INSERT statement. All those...

  • RE: Performing aggregate calculations on null values

    The AVG function will ignore NULL values in its calculation and provide a warning that NULL value is eliminated. You could test it easily.

  • RE: Any info regarding code name "Rosetta"

    Thank you Steve.


  • RE: table names for indexes

    A better SQL syntax for your query shoyuld be as here:


    from sysindexes i

    join sysobjects o

    on like '_WA_Sys%'

    and =

    However, why are you checking...

  • RE: IDENTITY Info in System Catalog

    But how do I figure out if seed and increment were specified explicitly or not?

    For example,

    CREATE TABLE tbl_1 ( col_1 INT IDENTITY )


    CREATE TABLE tbl_1 ( col_1 INT IDENTITY( 1,...

  • RE: IDENTITY Info in System Catalog

    Never mind, found it. It is IDENT_SEED( 'table_name' )


  • RE: table names for indexes

    Yes, they join on ID. What is the exact query you have created?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 237 total)