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  • RE: select with pair of values

    This is exactly what I was looking for.

    How can I incorporated into a SP that will return also the result set?

    Thanks so much for the help,


  • RE: Union/OR query

    Absolutely sure - This is the error returned to the applciation:

    [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Transaction was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim....

  • RE: select for delete

    Thanks a lot for your post. It took me a while as the project was on hold for several months.

    What I really need is equivalent of the OUTPUT clause in...

  • RE: error creating DB

    It looks that SQL server 2005 is picky - the problem was in the way the luns were setup - as soon as the permission's were updated in Disk...

  • RE: error creating DB

    Thanks a lot for the replay.

    But why SQL 2000 doesn't require that?

    Is this 2005 limitation, or depends on the edition - Standard?

    Thanks a lot, mj

  • RE: Unstable plan

    Have connectivity issues right now.

    I'll post the queries as soon as I could connect to the box.

    Sorry about that.


  • RE: Unstable plan

    Yes, I did but nothing really changed.

    I used this command to do it:




  • RE: create DNS with Native Client

    Thanks a lot, but unfortunately, the server is correctly configured... Both TCPIP on server and client. Also, in the Surface Area, both Remote and Local connection, TCPIP and Named Pipes...

  • RE: different execution time

    I do not believe that this is an issue of using bind variables or literals.

    Please, note that the slow statement is the one that uses bind parameters, not literals. I...

  • RE: how to use indexed view

    This is what I have tried but I still cannot create unique index on the view because there are repetative values and I cannot use distict.

    So still doesn't work for...

  • RE: query design question

    All indexes are rebuilded and the stats are updated.

    The execution plans show that the optimizer uses FTS on the Name table coming from the NAME_view which makes no sense to...

  • RE: SQL 2005 problem

    This is my SQl server version after I have applied SP2 - 9.00.3042.

    I saw some higher numbers in the previous replies - like 3061. How to get to this numbers...

  • RE: SQL 2005 problem

    Any advice on how exactly to configure the memory on 64 bit?

    So far I have 8GB for the OS and did not limit then after reading (or misreading) the...

  • RE: reads on inserts

    Thanks a lot.

    yes, the application uses transactions.Unfortunately, I cannot use uncommitted transaction. For a while I'll be on SQl server 2000 (2005 is scheduled for late 2008) so I have...

  • RE: reads on inserts

    I tried the advice to use clustered indexes, and still do not see any improvement in the inserts. Systematically seeing reads on them as the example above.

    Investigated the connection from...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 122 total)