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  • RE: Article Search

    I do appreciate your information, thank you.  Hopefully, somebody has seen the article.



  • RE: Being Retained

    The mother of most employee unhappiness in the IT field is becoming stagnate.  It's just my opinion but I don't know too many techies that came into this field saying...

  • RE: Service Pack 4

    I'm just trying to see how things are going for others before we install.  Our company likes to do this kind of thing when Microsoft comes out with service packs. ...

  • RE: Disappearing DBAs

    I agree that the Production DBA will not be phased out. 

    No matter how much automation of database maintenance is put into SQL Server, evaluation of processes and performance will need to...

  • RE: delete rows less than 30 days

    Can you post an example of the data? 

  • RE: Finding a common column in all tables in a DB

    I like to use this so I only get the User tables.


      FROM syscolumns           col

            , sysobjects            obj

     WHERE      =

       AND   = 'Department'

       AND obj.xtype   =...

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)