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  • RE: Split integer valuefrom decimal valye


    What about using modulus (%)? Like some flavor of the following:

    select replace(1234.4321 % 1 ,'0.','')

  • RE: How to write this complex update statement

    This is a hurried reply, no warranties implied...


    1. table name is dtTable

    2. Time spans are in minutes

    UPDATE dtTable

    SET TimeSpan =

    DATEDIFF(minute,t1.dt,(SELECT MIN(t2.dt)


  • RE: DTS Package taking hours to complete

    You could try updating from a table var, rather than the lengthy CASE statement:


    DECLARE @Blood_Groups TABLE (Blood_Type varchar(3), Blood_Group varchar(8) )

    -- Insert updatable values

    INSERT INTO @Blood_Groups (Blood_Type,...

  • RE: Import .xls file

    I've found this occurs when there are "extra" rows or columns at the end of a worksheet.  It could be that when you split the file into two you are...

  • RE: How to move dts packages to new server?

    I use a freeware utilitiy called DTSBackup2000, discussed somwhere on this site.  It is very simple to use and works well for moving multiple DTS packages.   I am not certain...

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)