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  • RE: A Lack of SQL

    Phil Factor (9/15/2008)

    ...We got stuck, though, because we couldn't find a good genuine requirement for a CLR routine. We still can't.

    We used CLR integration when we were developing an app...

  • RE: Can You Compute?

    Wow, what a thorough explaination!  I was tring to explain these concepts to some colleagues over lunch the other day, and your article beats the snot out of my back-of-napkin...

  • RE: Implementing a Flexible Backup Strategy

    I think you are quibbling with semantics.

    In terms of SQL Server Backups, I was under the impression that the term "Differential" is synonymous with "Incremental".  If you look at your choices...

  • RE: Sending SQL Notifications with CDOSYS

    This technique is an oldie but a goodie.

    One of Clinton Herring's contributions to "Script of the Day" a while back (I can't remember the date, but the script is dated...

  • RE: Setting dynamic Order By in Stored Procedure


    All arguments in the CASE statement used in your ORDER BY clause must be actual column names, not aliases.

    In your situation, the following syntax should do the trick:

  • RE: Setting dynamic Order By in Stored Procedure


    When a CASE statement is used in your ORDER BY, SQL Server will return errors if the columns referenced in your CASE statement are not all of similar data types.


  • RE: Setting dynamic Order By in Stored Procedure

    Here's an example of using a CASE statement in your ORDER BY clause. Although there're a lot of things going on in this example, hopefully, you can easily see...

  • RE: Creating a PDF from a Stored Procedure


    Any idea how well this would scale on a production system?

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  • RE: Conditional Order By clause?

    Excellent tip, bspiglejr!

    Now, when using your CASE method of determining the ORDER BY criteria, would it be possible to also add an additional CASE statement to determine ASC or DESC?


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