Creating a PDF from a Stored Procedure in SQL Server

  • mivica

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  • kenwallacedesign

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    Any idea how well this would scale on a production system?

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  • bredins

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    Very nice procedure - but the example data you provide doesn't match the graphs you display as output - or am I missing something?

  • Andy Warren

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    I'll check on it tonight, I think something went wrong in the loading process. Bear with me!

    Just guessing, I think scaling wouldnt be bad as long as the docs werent super huge. Not sure its a good idea to run on a server, but thats another story.


  • declanm

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    Fantastic Stored Proc, however it did start to drive my server hard when I started to increase the calls. Looks like there is a lot of overhead in the OA_create calls.

  • fred2002


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    Great Proc,

    it works very fine!


  • jloesch

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    Where do you find the specs for the PDF format?

    I would also like to make a suggestion. I personally think that code that is shared with others should be easier to follow. One of the things that helps with that a lot is clear variable names. I have no idea what @cr, @pr, or @ti are for. Comments are also helpful. I'm not complaining, just suggesting.

    James Loesch

    James C Loesch

  • nrharisutarsan

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    Very very cute procedure for creating PDFs.

  • kiran

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    a very good one !!!

  • Kishore.P

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    Very nice work done for PDF.

    Please provide some comments in your procedure for declaring variables for PDF Format.

  • Andy Warren

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    I agree about the comments and I'll take the blame - I load the content, should have gotten it cleaned up. I'll try to do better!


  • ivica

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    Where do you find the specs for the PDF format?

  • amfps

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    I've tried and it works quite great.

    However I would like to know if it's possible to use different letter sizes and formats (bold, italic) and if it's possible to save the file in any directory.

  • ivica-105479

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    Now, you can't use different letter properties, maybe later

    to save the file in any directory

    try this EXEC sql2pdf 'backup\demo'

    backup is direcory

  • sokun2003

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    i have the following error message :


    when i tried to insert the data into psopdf

    (insert psopdf(code) select nb_client + ' ' +

    tx_shor_name + ' ' +

    tx_full_name + ' ' +

    id_acco_offi + ' ' +

    cd_cli_stat from bdaccess..bsycl)

    do i miss something ?

    tks in advance

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