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  • RE: Order My Data

    That was my understanding as well. I only selected the one answer. And I did read that I should select 4. But I'm pretty sure that Hugo has had strong...

  • RE: Geeky Distractions

    Having an Orson Scott Card fest just now 🙂 Totally hooked!

  • RE: Toys V. Tools

    majorbloodnock (2/4/2011)

    Alan Vogan (2/4/2011)

    ....If it's fun, does it necessarily make it a toy?...

    To my mind, no. I think it's just emphasis. If you're using the surfboard for exercise and...

  • RE: Creating Holidays and Special Dates

    Beautiful! Thank you for that very elegant solution to something I've been hashing around with very badly. 🙂

  • RE: How well do you really know your colleagues?

    I knew how some of my colleagues would react, having gone through similar experiences with them before, but some others were unknown quantities. Amongst those, one particular colleague who I'd...

  • RE: What Do We Want?

    george sibbald (4/22/2010)

    This one is very basic and simple but seems a complete no-brainer to me:

    the ability to specify who the owner of the jobs will be when creating\amending maintenance...

  • RE: Understanding and Using APPLY (Part 1)

    Thank you Paul, really good reading and a great help in getting my head around yet another new concept. And they're all new right now so the clarity is very...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)