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  • RE: Two column join between tables, one column with equal to and other columns with not equal to

    As previous answer said there's not much you can improve without using indexes. The problem is in the very business rule and in the naure of the data.


  • RE: 70-461 exam

    I remember focusing in XML and service broker just because never used those features.
    I practiced 1-2 hours/day for a month and passed the exam.
    In those fetaures I'm not...

  • RE: 70-461 exam

    I passed the 2005 exam and at the time XML queries was a new feature so you can say it was on the exam (a big part of it) for...

  • RE: Snapshot isolation transaction failed in database 'Master'

    Fortunately we have trace running in production.
    Analysing the data I found an 'ALTER LOGIN' being doing in the 'MASTER' system db.

    But it still strange because those commands...

  • RE: A little tale and a seven questions about SQL partition

    Thanks everybody insigths

    Looks like they told me a different tale after all

    The sql guy give me two databases to test performance and told me both are...

  • RE: A little tale and a seven questions about SQL partition

    Thanks for the reply.

    Actually the partitioning was not my idea and I'm too ignorant (of partiotioning) to take sides.
    My guts tell me there's something else wrong. Partitioning...


    Thanks for all replies.

    About the deadlocks:

    - The deadlock problem don't appear to be directly related to the ANSI_NULL off.

    - We cannot reproduce it on test but on production it popups...

  • RE: Can a loop lock itself?

    Thanks guys for your time it appear I overlooked it on the wrong place.

    After double checking everything else I checked a schedule thing that services uses to expires the postponed...

  • RE: Can a loop lock itself?


    That [IncidentDetails].[InsertDate] columns keeps the modification timestamp.

    No no other operation and the user is a trained tester looking for this kind of issue, unless he manualy updated that value at...

  • RE: One System to Rule Them All

    Funny thing is for some view points MS SQL Server is a "rule them all" system.

    (and let's not forgot that good tools integrated to it like red gate) 😀

    The fact...

  • RE: Server and user databases using different collations

    I got the same problem.

    A staging server is using collation_B and the Production server is using collation_A

    Te staging server host a lot "unrelated with the problem" DB from other depts.


  • RE: Search for a text in all databases

    Old but gold!

    I like your script and added the feature do search uniqueidentifiers (because I needed it)

    and added to skyp not online DataBases and some sebug in case it fails...

  • RE: The Security of Interconnected Systems

    Surveys don't tell the whole history but for sure social engineering makes people the weakest ring in the chain.

    If scams/spams and phishing are not profitable they cannot be increasing day-by-day.


  • RE: Need a 2nd opinion on a query

    I guess there are not to worry about unless there are many records with the same omsId and recordType, this can cause a cartesian product in that self join as...

  • RE: What is SQL Server not good at?

    MS hardly admits problems.

    As a old joke said "...MS is a marketing corporation with serious software issues"

    At forums and MSDN they often use the "its by design" or "its a...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 171 total)