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  • RE: Mind your Database Ps and Qs

    I've picked up several people's work many times throughout my career. If there is one thing that influences whether I become productive quickly or not, it's how easily I can...

  • RE: NoSQL inside SQL Server

    I encountered a "NoSQL-within-SQL" use case on a project once. The table in question stored a variety of data documents. The documents consisted of several types of documents with differing...

  • RE: SSMS or SSDT

    Doctor Who 2 (4/5/2015) Can you do things like create SQL Jobs in SSDT?

    The last time I used SSDT extensively, it wasn't possible. That was almost three years ago. Maybe...

  • RE: SSMS or SSDT

    As a multi-tier developer (DB, BL, UI) who works primarily on data-management applications, I switch back and forth between SSMS and VS frequently.

    I have done a good bit of...

  • RE: Microservices, SOA and Service Broker

    In a computing landscape that is increasingly post-Microsoft?

  • RE: Programming Rules and 'Best Practices' Can't Replace Professional Judgement

    Much like the story of the mother who tells her daughter to cut the end off the ham, because that's how her mother cooked it, because that's how her mother...

  • RE: Stairway to SQL PowerShell Level 8: SQL Server PowerShell Provider

    Does the Provider work for SQL Azure?

  • RE: Where Microsoft went wrong with SQL CLR

    And yet this "killer" feature, which should be quite mature by now, is not in SQL Azure.

    As for the "DIY kit" mentality, well, that's where the developer community and...

  • RE: Software Projects: the important boring bits

    "IT people generally want to make a living through becoming experts in glamorous topics involving hot technologies." Not necessarily; some of us want to make stuff and get some income...

  • RE: A IT Consultant for our Times

    Good for Mark that he can pull whatever hat is in the trendy bin, put it on and make a grand a day. I doubt, based on the description that...

  • RE: Google Glass Your Database

    Dalkeith (4/2/2013)

    As it stands some of Google's outside projects seem diverse and somewhat disconnected.

    Self driving cars seem totally left of field for a company that essentially driven by advertising.

    Larry Page...

  • RE: The Shortage of Programmers

    Who are these people making 75-100K writing software right out of college? I have been doing it professionally for over a decade and still am nowhere near 6 figures.

  • RE: Type A, B, or C

    Jeff Moden (12/11/2012)

    jbnv (12/11/2012)

    And to say that assessing someone's personality is "discrimination" and should be outlawed is an insult both to the researchers who developed these assessments and people who...

  • RE: Type A, B, or C

    Hiring someone because they got certain letters from a personality test is wrong. Hiring someone because he's the boss's nephew even though he is completely unqualified is also wrong. Both...

  • RE: Type A, B, or C

    Jeff Moden (12/10/2012)

    Ok... how are such profile tests actually useful, then?

    MB in particular provides a somewhat-objective scale for assessing and expressing personality traits, particularly for new hires who haven't really...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 64 total)