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    I don't think:


    does what you intended. The square brackets indicate a list of characters, so it would be 'B' 'o' or 'b', rather than '[Bob]'. I think you...

  • RE: Recovery Models

    Good article.

    I know people like lists of myths, but I remember reading that the way our memories work is often context-free, and sometimes these lists reinforce the myths in people's...

  • RE: How Many Times Will This Happen?

    Another vote against addressing this with more legislation and regulation.

    Regulations are rarely flexible enough to allow for reasonable distinctions, and always have unintended consequences.

    There are plenty of established best-practices out...



    It seems that you had just tried to supply the wrong number of columns in the original insert, and has nothing to do with newsequentialid() (it could have been any...


    Even though it has "Sequential" in name, the values themselves are not really adjacent to each other. It's just that the next value will be greater than any previous...


    Good idea.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but, I don't think you need @NextSequentialID at all, or the XxX column, or some other complexity in the table.

    This seems to work:

    CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.sp_NewSequentialId


  • RE: Way to Check Multiple LIKE without dynamic SQL

    But, if it contains both strings, you'll get it in the output twice. You may need a DISTINCT.

    Also, you're not really using the CROSS APPLY functionality. This could...

  • RE: Get value from tables

    Did you want this?:

    Set @qry='select column1 + ''_'' + column2 from '+@var1

    Where '' is two consecutive single quotes.

  • RE: If You Ain't Cheatin'

    I think this is another of those things that has always been pretty much the same, but always seems to be getting worse as we get older. It's probably...

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)