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  • RE: Careful with table name alias

    It is very interesting. However, am still not clear on [flag ='y' ]. Can someone tell me what is this flag. I didnt get any content in...

  • RE: TIme taken to complete the job

    I have a query again around this issue.

    The below query gives me the required results.

    SELECT AS JobName,Count(*) AS COUNT,

    AVG(( run_duration % 100 )+ ...


    Begin Transaction

    Create table #temp(inculde the columns which are in Source table)

    Insert into #temp values Select distinct * from

    source table

    delete from source table

    Insert into source table select *...

  • RE: Identity Seed

    dear sdidomenico,

    Once u set the IDENTITY_INSERT ON , and inserted the records into it, the next value would be the max+1. It would not take old value, though EM...

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)