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  • RE: Sql Server Automate Backup + zip


    You can try this approach:

    Create a powershell script that zip the backup file. Here's the instruction.

    Then create a widows task schedule with the powershell script. Here's the instruction. Or create...

  • RE: What is (Null='Hello') in Sql Server

    Thanks Hugo.

    I now understand NULL better and can conclude that NULL mark doesn't represent unknown data.

  • RE: What is (Null='Hello') in Sql Server

    Hi Hugo,

    I just want to double check my understanding about NULL. Please explain more why NULL does not mean "Unknown". I thought that NULL mark represents missing or unknown data.


  • RE: Sum and Count

    Very good explanation Hugo!

    I like to think of it in sets of the table and use the properties of multiplication to simplify the problem.

    So, for the qotd you have 1...

  • RE: Row Constructor

    Good question. something different. I don't think ssc has many questions about row constructor.

  • RE: LEN()

    ahhh those trailing spaces. 🙂 thanks for the question.

  • RE: Truncate Table

    gmby (3/28/2013)

    good question. but for the life of me, i cannot come up with a reason to use this (nor anyone else where I work)- anybody?


    This scenario...

  • RE: Database Mirroring

    This is the easiest question of the month for me. Thanks. 😎

  • RE: Passing Tables as Parameters

    mtassin (3/25/2013)

    Good question, I lost count of GO statements... 🙁 knew where it would fail... but thought that was the 3rd batch, not the 4th.

    🙂 I lost track of...

  • RE: Deterministic

    m mcdonald (3/22/2013)

    The way I read there are only 2 correct answers:

    not 106,107,109,113


    The answer, and included as a correct answer

    Styles greater than 100

    Cannot be correct because of the exceptions 106,107,109,113.


  • RE: Delete v Truncate

    I had to think twice about DDL and DML. Maybe it's better to not include (choose 3) in the question. this will make us think more. Otherwise people just use...

  • RE: CASCADE - 1

    demonfox (3/21/2013)

    Dineshbabu (3/20/2013)

    Lokesh Vij (3/20/2013)

    db4breakfast (3/20/2013)

    I never use cascade delete on a production db. It seem to be safer by allowing users mark order as "error" instead.


    same here. i feel...

  • RE: CASCADE - 1

    I spent more time to figure out the values of orderdetailID than looking at the effect of the cascade delete. The question title can be misleading sometime. 😀

    I never use...

  • RE: DATETIME - 4

    Thanks for the question. I learned this precision rounding from March 12, inner join question from Archie Flockhart's comment. 🙂

  • RE: Casting question

    Christian Buettner-167247 (3/15/2013)

    Good question but the correct answer is "0 " (with 2 trailing spaces), not "0".#

    Edit: Add example:

    SELECT REPLACE(ISNULL ( CONVERT (char(3),1/9),'*'),' ','<Space>') AS Ret


    That's correct. Convert...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 55 total)