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  • Reply To: Who Are You?

    I can hear the questions asked in the voices of the characters.  Thank you for the nostalgia!

    I agree as well with what you wrote.  Sure, I make most of my...

  • RE: Downtime

    I went to Amazon's first big AWS conference with a client. We attended a session included a discussion on Netflix's chaos monkey. My client was so impressed that...

  • RE: The Identity Debate

    I have been a DBA for 15 years. Whenever I have the control, I create synthetic keys using identities. I have taken over many projects where the developers...

  • RE: Tip for determining I/O Heavy Queries

    An interesting take on an old problem.

    I personally turn profiler on for a while, capturing "statement completed" events for the database in question. I use a filter of reads...

  • RE: Is there a way to save result of A DBCC to a table.

    You can use the optional "with tableresults" in the DBCC command.

    Here is an example:

    create table [#waitstats]


    [wait type] varchar(80) not null,

    [requests] bigint not null,

    [wait time] numeric(20, 5) not null,

    [signal wait time]...

  • RE: Ten Ways To Lose Your DBA Job

    I worked at a company that prided itself in being the world leader in "communications interception" technology (i.e. wire taps++)

    They routinely configured systems to backup the database to the local...

  • RE: SQL Server Management Studio

    Uhh....did I travel back in time or something? I have been using Management studio for over a year....

    Why was this article sent out as part of the daily update?

  • RE: The Certification Debate

    "In case you've been completely focused on work and reading this nonsense as a way of taking a break or combating insomnia..."

    Steve, I laughed out loud at that one, almost...

  • RE: How To Get Hired


    I disagree with the statement "great developers never apply for jobs".

    As an DBA that works primarily in government on short term contracts, I am constantly sending my resumes out. ...

  • RE: Open Source Challenge

    Interesting article, interesting question.

    However there is an ENORMOUSLY HUGE gap between "compatible" and "supposed to be compatible".

    Even if a product is an exact clone of another, bug fixes in the...

  • RE: The Top 10

    Two years ago I was at a conference in Orlando Florida, listening to a very prominent member of the SQL Server engineering team speak (I don't want to say who,...

  • RE: Who Has The Monitor?

    What a collosal waste of time. Dont you people have jobs or something?

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