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  • RE: Return

    sqlnaive (8/19/2013)

    Ohh Gosh... Caught in the trap. Not a good start for the week. :sick:

    It was just another "be on your toes" QOTD. 🙂


  • RE: User with total points more than 30000?

    saravanan.a 88885 (8/15/2013)

    Hey Guys,

    Please check the following link there it is showing, Level is "SSChampion"...

  • RE: Object binding

    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (8/15/2013)

    Good back-to-stored proc basics question.

    +1 🙂

  • RE: Sales puzzle

    kapil_kk (8/13/2013)

    Lokesh Vij (8/13/2013)

    Ah! Very simple question to start the day. Thanks Gary:-)

    +1 🙂


  • RE: Expressions

    :Whistling: i have taken more time to answer this and learn something new.

    Thanks MM

  • RE: Exists

    Most of time i try to avoid Exists clause. I will prefer join or sub query.

    Good question 🙂

  • RE: Isolation levels

    Out of 3 i choose 2 correct and miss 1. today i learn something new.:-)

  • RE: SSIS 2012 -Template

    bitbucket-25253 (8/3/2013)

    Nice question - learned something new from it .. THANKS

    +1 🙂

  • RE: Lock mode RangeI-N

    It's not an easy for me. but i got it correct.

    Something new i learn today. Thanks 🙂

  • RE: SQL views

    kapil_kk (7/31/2013)

    Easy one for the day 🙂

    +1 🙂


    DivyaMohankumar (7/30/2013)

    Good question.... I wish to Share some of the points:-P:

    ->DBCC CHECKDB - Checks the logical and physical integrity of all the objects in the specified database.

    ->DBCC CHECKALLOC – Checks...


    good information for me.

  • RE: TSQL- XQuery

    Anipaul (7/28/2013)

    SQLRNNR (7/28/2013)

    Koen Verbeeck (7/28/2013)

    Tsk tsk, first question of the week, and it's about XQuery (ugh). And even a trick question (double ugh).

    I second those "ugh"'s

    Yes lot of "ughs"....

    +1 🙂

  • RE: TDE Setup

    Good one !!!

  • RE: FTS Near Operator

    Lokesh Vij (7/24/2013)

    Nice question..Thanks Steve!

    +1 🙂

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