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  • RE: Wildcards II

    Thanks for easy and back to basic question 🙂

  • RE: Datefirst

    Thanks 🙂

  • RE: wildcards

    Toreador (9/11/2013)

    Dear Steve

    Can you change the points system so that if someone replies pointing out an error and 8 pages of people have already replied pointing out the same error...

  • RE: wildcards

    Hany Helmy (9/11/2013)

    I am really amazed of the 16 people (as of now) who got it right! :w00t:

    Hope one of them will post a reply explaining how he got the...

  • RE: wildcards

    handkot (9/10/2013)

    I got an error: "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated."

    (0 row(s) affected);-)

    Just because of "Steppenwolf" having length 11. So insert statement is...

  • RE: Behavior of trigger

    Thanks for back to basics. Good question 🙂

  • RE: CASE vagaries

    Hugo Kornelis (9/7/2013)The actual answer is "@X is now A<". That's because the author uses ISNULL instead of the recommended COALESCE. ISNULL does not follow the normal data type precedence...

  • RE: Holiday Breaks

    Hany Helmy (9/1/2013)

    Maybe this is the easiest question ever in SSC; thanx Steve 😀


  • RE: Global Configuration Settings

    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (8/30/2013)

    Interesting question, thanks Sean

    +1 🙂


    Easy and good one 😀

  • RE: SQL Server Tables

    Thanks for start my day with easiest question 🙂

  • RE: Transaction Trio

    Good back to basic question. Thanks 🙂

  • RE: Normal Forms and Data Integrity

    Tough question for me. :blink:

  • RE: CONCAT 1

    Carlo Romagnano (8/22/2013)

    In this case CONCAT also is faster than ISNULL(FirstName + ' ', '') + ISNULL(MiddleName + ' ', '') + ISNULL(LastName + ' ', '') + ISNULL(CONVERT(VARCHAR(3), Age),'')


  • RE: CONCAT 1

    If you already use CONCAT function then it's easy to you. Otherwise first you need to check about CONCAT function.

    I love this function. It removes some overhead while adding multiple...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 256 total)