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  • Reply To: Inaccurate Space Metadata Possible Causes

    Nope, don't think so, as wasn't column store indexes introduced in the 2012 version?  We're on 2008R2.

    But something similar maybe?  The objects that were effected were tables used in a...

  • RE: Singular or Plural

    I think without thinking I'd use plural out of habit, but I do think that singular makes more sense at the database side, and plural when you have your Lists...

  • RE: Unattended Installation

    Would it possible to change the pictures of text, to just actual text?

    Esp as some of the pictures are distorted!

  • RE: Are We Engineers?

    Steve Jones - SSC Editor (12/10/2015)

    However I'm not sure standardizing on languages is the key. There is power in different languages and are we saying that Java is better than...

  • RE: Are We Engineers?

    Yes we are, and are we striving to reach the same standards as physical engineering, yes I think most of us are.

    I think that article was a disservice to both...

  • RE: Mission Critical Deployments

    Wiped sounds unlikely...more likely is the installation process created the default file, overwriting what was there.

    It makes me think that they're using more general purpose computers rather than specific 'machines'/'chips'...

  • RE: Naming Confusion

    I think names are better than random numbers, VM000001151, VM0000001150, and VM000001149 are a prod/dev/test set of servers for one of our apps.

    Someone thought this was 'more secure', which...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)