Inaccurate Space Metadata Possible Causes

  • We've got a database that has reported 'In-row data USED page count for object' and 'In-row data RSVD page count for object' for a couple of objects.  The fix suggested has been applied successfully.

    So far everything I've found says this is an artifact from 2000 to 2005+ conversion, and this database was converted from 2000 to 2008R2, but that was years ago.

    So is the conversion still the most likely cause of this corruption?

    Or what other parts of the system should we be looking at?

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • In some of the earlier iterations of column store indexes, the space used was reported a bit low, if I recall.  Could that be contributing here?

  • Nope, don't think so, as wasn't column store indexes introduced in the 2012 version?  We're on 2008R2.

    But something similar maybe?  The objects that were effected were tables used in a ETL type process, so each month-end they are emptied and refilled, then just read from to populate other tables.

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