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  • Reply To: The Order of Operations

    Can't have too many parentheses, don't know how many times I have been caught out by software not following the order of precedence.

  • Reply To: Create temporary table on fly

    +1, the use of radio buttons is somewhat misleading, check boxes would be far more appropriate where multiple choices are expected or allowed.

  • Reply To: SQL Update Statement Awareness

    gvoshol 73146 wrote:

    I got the "right" answer because I recognized the concept of the question - that if we do not supply an ELSE in a CASE statement, anything that fails...

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  • RE: Quitting Over Training

    Not sure if it's the same over there, here in the UK a lot of companies will fund training but if you leave within a certain period of time you...


    I suspect a lot of people on here have their own split functions that behave just like the purported correct answer, I assumed the question was designed to show the...

  • RE: Interviewing Avatars

    I'm have to admit, if I called a prospective hire and was met with a robot my reaction would be to hang up and ring the next candidate on my...

  • RE: Interesting Datenames

    Got it right, but only because I deliberately put the wrong answer.
    There are people on here who live and work outside the US with their illogical date format.

  • RE: Does Your Work Attire Really Make a Difference?

    I was told many years ago that is far better to be overdressed than underdressed.
    This goes for any scenario whether business or social.

    I will always turn...

  • RE: Thinking Time

    I have a 50 minute car journey both to and from work, one way I listen to the radio, the other way (usually the way home) is my thinking time.

  • RE: Will It Compress?

    +1 Sparse is not a datatype.

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