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  • Yes, it's definitely cycling time for me. Easy enough to do on auto-pilot (although my road to work is a bit busy and congested with road works right now which puts me off a bit). 

    As long as I've eaten enough anyway. Otherwise I'm just thinking about food.

  • I have a 50 minute car journey both to and from work, one way I listen to the radio, the other way (usually the way home) is my thinking time.

  • It is nice to know others value thinking time too.  This world and life get so busy, we often don't take much time to ponder it all.


  • I've been in this field for many years. I'd say that for the most part, most people work hard at doing whatever it is to keep things going. They don't often give themselves a break. And I'm including myself in this assessment.

    Good article, Steve.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • If I'm having a particularly irritating day, nothing beats yanking out weeds from my yard, shovelling snow in the winter and doing kickboxing (just hold still while I back-kick you).  I just hate quiet times because I end up thinking  Thanks for the good advice though, as always!

  • I'd recommend some kind of meditation. If you're looking for something different (as opposed to the tradition Eastern techniques) you could try an old European version of it and read the 'Cloud of Unknowing' for suggestions. Good article.

  • I find that I don't get a lot of uninterrupted time at work, so I try to carve out some for myself by ignoring my phone and email for a while.  I used to use it just to get things done, but over the past few months, I've also used it to really think something through.  It paid good dividends.

    Another way, and I think a better one, is to sit outside on my deck and just look at the woods.  It helps to clear my mind and I can spend some real time thinking.  The computer, cell phone, etc. are all inside and I can just think something through.  As a FTE who works primarily in the office and gets calls after work if there's a crisis, I'm considering taking some half days and working from home where I can do this more frequently.  It's relaxing and promotes uninterrupted, clear thought, which leads to more well thought-out ideas and ways to implement them.  I know it isn't a scientific approach, but I find that it works for me.

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