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  • RE: Shredding Unicode Japanese characters using SSIS

    I could not understand the japanese words, so did a quick google transalate.

    You are most welcome..:-)

  • RE: Create a date table

    Thanks Keith. My input date range table could look something like the below

    Id Start_range ...

  • RE: Create a date table

    The start_range and end_range would vary based on input. May be I am unable to explain but for now creating a physical table would not solve the problem. Sorry about...

  • RE: please help

    On the SQL Jobs links.. I am open for any location.

  • RE: How to study for MCSA SQL Server 2012

    If you concentrating to gain only on the theoretical knowledge of SQL Server, I would say 12 month is good enough. But, becoming an MCSA is not only about memorizing...

  • RE: THROW - 1

    Can anyone please explain about the error level 14 and 16. I am not able to understand this

  • RE: An in-depth look at change detection in SQL Server - Part 01

    Great article Nakul.

    Another use of the Checksum is for the hash index creation. When indexes are created over nvarchar or varchar datat type columns, CHECKSUM() hashes the value. This...

  • RE: Merge statement with openrowset

    Please check if you have the necessary permission to perform INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operation on the target table.

  • RE: Thesaurus Files

    That was a googly :w00t:


    declare @color varchar(20)

    set @color = ''


    Where color = coalesce(NULLIF(@color,''),color)

    When no value is entered, the value passed would be ‘’ . And the NULLIF returns a NULL value...

  • RE: Display table raws in table coloums

    You can use PIVOT function to convert rows into columns. Bt please bear in mind that the reverse is not true.

  • RE: Fun with ACID

    The ACID property is interesting if we hook it to the conventional Db management system. If I talk about Mobile Database systems, in SQL Server CE for a SELECT operation...

  • RE: Cramming for Interviews

    I agree to the article highlighted by you. The best example I can see i sme. Not long ago when I started my career into SQL Server it seemed like...

  • RE: SubQuery

    Easy one.. But when I think I do find OUTER JOINS to work outfaster than NOT IN, of course it depends, but I will bet on JOINS as compared to...

  • RE: Ordered output for referenced columns

    Thank you Dave for your reply, if it is 5,2 then it would be aftere 1,2. I think you have rightly pointed it should be like the parent-child query. I'm...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)