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  • RE: Deadlock error in high cuncurrency env

    go thru this article.

    You will find that analysing deadlocks is a piece of cake.:-)

  • RE: Deadlock error in high cuncurrency env

    Use the profiler with the event selected as deadlock graph alone.

    run the profiler and your application instances.once the deadlock occurs the graph will be displayed.from that You can easily identify...

  • RE: Performance problem with SQL queries having a specific column mentioned in WHERE or GROUP BY clause.

    Also You can try dropping the index and check whether the table scan is faster.If its faster with 4 billion records then it will surely be faster with 4 billion...

  • RE: Table insertion


    Thats the only way to do it.

    But if you are using cursor or looping to insert, consider using the number table or the tally table.

  • RE: Running Totals


    Try this

    Select a.col1,a.col2,(select sum(hrs) from table where emp_id <=a.emp_id) ‘col3’

    From table a

    assuming empid is your key to the table and You want the running total of HRS column.

  • RE: Using OPENROWSET to import CSV files


    Use bulk insert instead.

    BULK INSERT <table name>

    FROM <path name where the csv resides>.

    You have varying options that You can use by setting the parameters for the bulk insert option correspondingly.

  • RE: Output to grid file

    Did You try SSIS?

  • RE: Update Rows by Increment of 500


    use the following query.

    with cte(col1,col2,rownum) as (

    select col1,col2,row_number() over(order by col)

    from table2

    where <condition >


    update t2

    set column1=rownum*500

    from table2 t2 inner join cte

    on <join conditions>

    where <condition>

    in the CTE select the...

  • RE: Using a table alias


    Theoretically speaking, the engine has to resolve the table in which the column exists in any statement.if there is a column with the same name in 2 tables and if...

  • RE: Stored Proc that joins based on parameters??


    You can have just 2 parameters to Your Stored Procedure.

    1)a flag

    2)actual value.

    Then You can build ur sp like

    If flag =1 then the actual value will always contain id.

    if flag=2...

  • RE: conditional inner join

    the kind of functionality that You are looking for doesnt exist in sql 2005.The various ways in which it can be achieved has been given by the members who have...

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