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  • RE: Worst Practices - Objects Not Owned by DBO

    A great article about a very important topic. 

    At my previous place of employment, we ran into issues when a user would create a table in code, but not specify...

  • RE: Dashes in Server Name

    We have server names with dashes (-) in them, and I have used the following syntax successfully:

    exec [Server-Name].[master].[dbo].[script-name]

    That should work for you.


  • RE: Keeping QA Up To Date - Part 2

    This is what I have used in the past to find the latest backup from a particular database and use the file to restore over an existing database:

    DECLARE @DBBackupFileName...

  • RE: SQL Server 2000 Useful undocumented stored procedures

    Always great to see undocumented stored procs featured.  I will most certainly be using a few of these.

    Thanks for the great atricle

  • RE: Defragment table?

    All the tables have a clustered index on them already, so I can't add a new clustered index to them.  I wanted to make this process as dynamic as possible, without...

  • RE: Delete taking too long

    I have a physical FK constraint on there.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)