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  • RE: Taking Notes – Paper or Keyboard?

    I'm virtual so always at a keyboard, so on calls I just type into Notepad (any other simple text editor would do). Then I transfer into Toodledo.

  • RE: Large Chunks of Data

    Most people can't cope with more than one...

  • RE: Timing is Everything

    This is actually an example of where a compromise is just worse for everybody.

  • RE: Timing is Everything

    UTC is not simply 'pandering to the French'

    It is so! Well the initials at least - ' The International Telecommunication Union wanted Coordinated Universal Time to have a single abbreviation...

  • RE: Timing is Everything

    For a start we should stop pandering to the French and go back to calling it good old GMT. Then we should abandon the abomination of Time zones and (worse)...

  • RE: The Best Laptop

    This is why I have a mobile phone that is 3 years old, and hasn't worked properly for 3 months. Because everytime I think about getting a new one, I...

  • RE: All-in-one

    "If a things worth doing it can probably be done in Notepad" 😀

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    Mannie, you were doing OK 'til you got to the cursors bit... still, as you say you are learning.

    Silos are bad. People should talk to each other and try and...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    Scott - to respond to two of your points.

    You're right - most large COTS systems do not use Stored Procedures - and it's for one of the reasons you state...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    I like stored procedures.

    They provide a way of encapsulating complex sql code (ok so a 3000 line reporting procedure suggests there are bigger problems, but it's not my server,...

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