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  • RE: How Many Rows Returned

    NBSteve (6/15/2015)

    For anybody having trouble following the joins, just focus on the Authors in the individual joins. ...(Nice explanation deleted) ...

    That was a very good explanation. I appreciate it.

  • RE: XML Indexes

    Thanks for an easy start to the week, even though it's not Monday yet! 😉

  • RE: Not Again!

    Brian.Klinect (2/18/2015)

    I learned to today that I can set permissions at the column level. Never even considered trying to do that before.

    I really liked the story that went with...

  • RE: Group By, Count, and NULLs

    Nice question to highlight the differences in ways that NULLs are handled by different operations. Thanks!

  • RE: SOME rows

    Brian Hibbert (1/29/2015)

    I think I'm not quite understanding what SOME (or Any) actually does.

    A quick read of the BOL says the return type is Boolean, but it's not...


    Thanks for the question Steve. Liked it a lot.

  • RE: Getting Distinct

    Bob Cullen-434885 (1/23/2015)

    Thanks Hugo for a perfectly clear explanation!:-)

    +1 Still waiting for Hugo to rewrite BOL so they are more useful. 🙂 In his spare time of course.


    Hugo Kornelis (1/12/2015)

    I thought that using SELECT would have started the implicit transaction, but I tested after answering this question and nothing changes if I use SELECT instead of PRINT....

  • RE: Parallel Plans

    Easy one. Thanks for the Christmas gift Steve!

    Hope everyone who is not offended by the statement has a Merry Christmas! I hope the rest have a great day too....

  • RE: T-SQL

    Nice easy one for a Friday. Thanks for submitting the question!

  • RE: Execution Plan reuse

    Nice question. And I'm only partially motivated in my praise by having got it correct.

    Had to think about it for a while - almost went with the dropping an index...

  • RE: I have no id

    Heals (12/16/2014)

    Good question - got it wrong, but learnt something so all to the good!

    Never come across it before as I always use aliases, but good to know when I...

  • RE: Automatic Page Repair

    Seemed pretty much common sense. Glad it was. Thanks for the question!

  • RE: Find the Most Recent Post

    Thanks for the question. Seemed easy enough, but was sufficiently challenging for a Monday.

    Saw Koen's plug for his blog. Can we get him to rewrite BOL too?

  • RE: Fun with RAND()

    Chiefly Confused (11/5/2014)

    I also believe the answer is misleading. The select will return 1 row, 1 to 9 times, each one is a separate select of 1 row. ...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 583 total)