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  • RE: DELETE making SELECT slow in RCSI

    Thanks Kevin.

    Can you please tell me how to have multiple disks in AWS RDS. We are using SSD based storage. AFAIK in RDS we don't provide access to disks &...

  • RE: DELETE making SELECT slow in RCSI

    The read latency is 32 ms & write latency is 95 ms for tempdb data file & for tempdb log file it is 8 for read & 45 for write...

  • RE: DELETE making SELECT slow in RCSI

    I executed sp_whoisactive during the execution and there was no blocking at that time. We don't have FK at our database.

  • RE: Add partition to existing table

    Thanks Gila.

    Will try the second option.

  • RE: Add partition to existing table

    I tried SWITCH partition back from non-partitioned to partitioned table but that fails because of different FG.

    I wrote a script to pull the data of date basis and populate to...

  • RE: Add partition to existing table

    Thanks Bhuvnesh.

    But here my table (lets say T1) is already partitioned till 2014-01-01 but the data (~600M) which comes after 2014-01-01 goes to PRIMARY filegroup.

    Now to add more partitions to...

  • RE: DB Mirroring Performance Statistics

    You can use "Launch Database Mirroring Monitoring" from SSMS by right clicking on database->Tasks.

    Also the following query will provide the performance counters:

    select * from sys.dm_os_performance_counters WHERE [object_name] LIKE...

  • RE: Fun with OVER

    Did u really get the desired output from the SELECT statement you posted. I am getting the error when i executed those queries.

    When I replaced COUNT(*) with ROW_NUMBER() then A...

  • RE: Need a logic

    Try this, using Full-text search:

    CREATE TABLE tblmessage (ID INT IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,[Description] VARCHAR(400))

    INSERT INTO tblmessage([Description])


    INSERT INTO tblmessage([Description])

    VALUES('Record already deactivated by another user')

    INSERT INTO tblmessage([Description])

    VALUES('Record already activated by another user')


  • RE: sql query fills up tempdb with greater than 300 gb

    Share the execution plan of the query.

    Also check whether the table(s) has required index(s).

  • RE: DateAdd Convertion Problem

    try this while assigning the final value to @d

    Select @d= convert(varchar,DateAdd(HH,@Diff,@d),120)

  • RE: find maxsales details in sql server

    Can u provide the sample output which u need?

  • RE: Amazon RDS vs EC2

    Thanks all for your valuable suggestion!!

    I found that Microsoft provides “SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine” which provides full SQL Server box product features and gives the administrator full...

  • RE: Update Data in Prod table. Lookup ? Merge?

    Can't you just truncate the target table and reload it again instead of checking whether the record exists or not?

    This will give you a huge boost from the performance point-of-view.

  • RE: Link server locking tables

    I think you are at target database and trying to get the data (source table along with other tables at source database) using linked server.

    Can you try other way around...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)