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    We are planning to move our warehouse database (which is around 1TB) to the cloud. Currently we are looking at Amazon RDS and EC2 (as these supports multiple features which SQL Azure doesn't support). Also we need high availability along with failover cluster, and backups.

    Can you guys please suggest when to use RDS and when to use EC2?


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    I would go RDS if you want "Failover Clustering", while it is not true failover clustering, RDS allows the option for having the server in multiple AZ within a region so if the AZ dies it moves to another. EC2 you would have to put something like mirroring in place, so you would need 2 EC2 hosts.

    Backups you will need to do yourself and depending on what your strategy is, you will need S3 storage or pull it to your office to back it up as that is something which Amazon doesnt do.

    Jeremiah Peschka did a good article on Brent Ozar's site on EC2, might be worth a read

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    Thanks all for your valuable suggestion!!

    I found that Microsoft provides “SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine” which provides full SQL Server box product features and gives the administrator full control over a dedicated SQL Server instance and cloud-based VM.

    Can you please suggest some pros n cons of SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine over EC2?

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    I have play around with both cloud providers. I actually just finish taken a AWS class on last week. If your going to migrate a sql server database to the cloud definitely go with Microsoft. RDS/EC2 is lacking big time in the tools and options. If your force to go the Amazon route go with EC2. That way you will still have some control over your sql server environment. RDS is for people who don't really want do any administration. Make sure you read the SLA. IMO

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