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  • RE: replication

    I hope this answer is incorrect. BOL says that WORKGROUP EDITION as "If an instance of WorkGroup is used as a Publisher, it supports a maximum of 25 subscriptions to...

  • RE: Transactions

    This was really a very good question. We had the same problem in the past where a developer had a transaction open and we went into facing slowness in the...

  • RE: Monitor Replication Using Scripts

    I am looking for the following details

    1. publication

    2. subsciptions for each publication

    3. status of all the agents associated with them

    4. latency

  • RE: Monitor Replication Using Scripts

    I knew of those SPs but they dint help me giving details like how replication monitor gives. i wanted to get a script that will give almost near info of...

  • RE: Log reader agent faliure in 2000


    Try changing the log reader agent values particularly BatchSize and the QueryTimeOut option that should help you.

  • RE: [SQLSTATE HY000] (Error 824)

    Do a DBCC CHECKDB with repair option.

  • RE: Unistall SSAS in clustered Environment

    The task was simple. I read an article and it asked me to use the change instaed of remove in Add/Remove Programs and that helped. Thanks for the help.

  • RE: Service Broker Causes Internal Wait

    Hope i already explined that. Anyways saying again, there was a high value in the waittime column in sysprocesses table for the broker related processes. the broker service is not...

  • RE: Moving Model Database

    I just gave them for your reference. I have already given them as separate parameters only.

  • RE: what to monitor

    You need to monitor few many things. Starting from the sql server services to the OS counters. Check for performance monitoring and tuning in SQL Server books online.

  • RE: SQL Server 2005 Questions

    1. In 2000 we have SQLSTP.LOG in C:\Winnt\ directory for installation related error. where can I find such log file for 2005? Installation log is still under the very same...

  • RE: Enterprise VC Workgroup

    You need to upgrade your workgroup version to enterprise edition. You need to start the sql installer of enterprise edition and follow the upgrade steps. Look at the microsoft website...

  • RE: Connection drops between our webserver and sql server

    Do you a trace to find out when the connections goes off and comes back this was an issue with SQL 2000 with connection pooling enabled.

  • RE: SQL 2005 Service Pack 2 Timeline

    You need to restart sql server services. Also it would be good if you reboot the server so that it takes effect at that moment itself.

  • RE: Question re granting access to xp_cmdshell

    Granting execute on xp_cmdshell won't work as sql server requires the user to be a member of OS admin.

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