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  • RE: Insert and Update Within a Transaction

    There's only the one instance running.

    SELECT * FROM MyTable with an isolation level of READ UNCOMMITTED showed that the insert had worked while the update was hanging. Taking the...

  • RE: Transaction Partially Commits

    Thanks for the fast response.

    The cause turned out to be a primary key violation on the table that wasn't populating. The insert was was using a SELECT statement that...

  • RE: How Productive Are You?

    Wrong metric ! It matters not how long you work but how much you produce - and of what quality. Tired people make mistakes. Increase your costs...

  • RE: The Glue that Binds

    Particularly in a waterfall methoodology, developer time is not that significant; the big chunks are the business and systems analysis, testing and configuration ... and, if you already have a...

  • RE: Weird - Procedure expects parameter which was not supplied

    You say that the amount is being updated which implies that it is being passed from the application. Can you confirm that it is this sored procedure that is...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    Algol, Fortran, 8086 assembler !

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    Developers, DBAs, architects, to say nothing of systems analysts, business analysts, testers (even users !) : We're all a team and we all need to work together. Silo's are...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    In OO world, encapsulation is a fundamental rule

    The only fundamental rule is to write robust, performant, maintainable systems. The OO paradigm is one means to this end - it...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.Do_Update @TableName VarChar(128),

    @Action TinyInt,

    @key VarChar(255),

    @Data VarChar(2056),

    @Validator Integer,

    @UpdatedBy nVarChar(128),

    @Result VarChar(255) OUTPUT



    DECLARE @StartTranCount AS...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    For trivial inserts and deletes, there can be an argument for avoiding stored procedures but, for anything more complex, there are clear performance gains. The biggest bottleneck is likely...

  • RE: The More Things Change ...

    In a previous career, I undertook a lot of market research in the paper industry. The advent of the electronic office was going to really hit the demand for paper....

  • RE: Convert RTF data

    For the OS SP, go to Windows Update. That should detect and supply anything missing.

  • RE: Convert RTF data

    Not sure whether this is relevant :

  • RE: Convert RTF data

    Anything + Null = Null so I suggest that you tace all the @rtf + instances and find which one is null. Just hack the code to write each...

  • RE: varchar datatype not writing all data to table

    Thanks Jeff, it had scrolled off the side of my monitor!

    High level tools (like the data adapter) are great for productivity but its easy to end up with hidden issues....

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 310 total)