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  • RE: T-SQL Challenge #1

    Whilst I enjoyed the mental exercise and learning something I didn't know about 2005, I just can't picture when I would actually do such a join in real life. ...

  • RE: Calculating Age

    The final SQL didn't work for me, QA returned an error about the hyphen.

    Also, I'm not that experienced but surely it's "case when" and not "casewhen" ?

  • RE: SSRS - only 1 parameter per repor?

    Thanks Mark - SM.

  • RE: SSRS - only 1 parameter per repor?

    Thanks David, I'll go buy the book now!

  • RE: Not In v Not Equal

    This article, and its many replies, is a great example of why I like this site so much! Valuable points are made, with time taken to describe exactly how...

  • RE: When To Use Cursors

    Sorry, the notable word in my last post was 'update'. The running totals issue can be addressed in a number of ways outside a cursor. But what of...

  • RE: When To Use Cursors

    Thanks for the Robyn Page Simple Talk article, I'm reading it now. There's a difference between needing to calculate a running total on the fly and having to calculate...

  • RE: When To Use Cursors

    I needed to get a cumulative running balance column in a table. So I used a cursor. I'm not very advanced but it seemed like the only way...

  • RE: Wiggle Room

    OK, after my earlier rant, and having read the ensuing comments, I too will agree on the difference between 'consultant' and 'contractor'.

    But why is it that we are arguing these...

  • RE: Wiggle Room

    I haven't read the other responses so apologies if this repeats something that was said earlier (and better).

    If you hired a plumber and they really didn't know their way around...

  • RE: Database Haiku

    Still funny a year later!  Just what I needed to 'zen out' after a hellish journey to work during a London Tube strike.

  • RE: Pivot table for Microsoft SQL Server

    Hi - based on the dates of the other comments, I'm coming to the party a little late.  But thanks for a very clearly-explained (and with two examples) piece of...

  • RE: NULL Equals NULL?

    Gosh, some people can be very strident.  "Just don't use nulls!" ?  Really, show me the db that can be guaranteed to have a value in every row, every column. ...

  • RE: date format problems with xp_cmdshell

    Hi Ninja - wow, is that ever a good workaround!  I've been focusing so much on the "woods" that I missed the "trees".  Yes, of course by converting GETDATE() to...

  • RE: date format problems with xp_cmdshell

    Hi - let me start again, this might be easier:

    1) Need today's date so use function GETDATE().

    2) SQL Server only has datetime fields (no date-only...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)