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  • RE: A Stumbling Count


    I assumed that it was a data warehouse because of your description of the role-play dimension but I can understand how sometimes a full-blown data warehouse is too much to...

  • RE: A Stumbling Count

    Interesting approach although I'm not sure I would have done it in the same way.

    It looks like you're describing fact and dimension tables so you're looking at large fact tables....

  • RE: A story of corrupted Master database in SQL Server 2008

    Good article - I just have one tiny issue which I quote here: "We were lucky to have the backups of system and user databases available....:"

    Having backups of your system...

  • RE: A Faster BETWEEN Dates

    Hi Terry,

    You begin by saying "Finding records that exist between two dates can sometimes be slow". In my experience this has never been true when the table in question...

  • RE: Differential backup

    There is no standard I'm aware. Just use whatever makes sense to you and make sure you stick to that naming convention.

    In my case I've always used .bak and...

  • RE: Coalesce Query

    All data types in the coalesce function must be the same.

    Try converting the ProductID into a varchar which has a length equal to the larger of productclass and productcolor.


    Coalesce (ProductClass,ProductColor,convert(varhchar(100),...

  • RE: High Avg. Disk Queue Length


    Actually the scale is only relevant when looking at the graph. So if you're looking at the graph and the value is 52 (for example) you should divide by...

  • RE: logshipping Error

    Log shipping is relatively straight forward to troubleshoot.

    I this case, no backup was restored to the secondary so:

    1. Either the log backup failed on the primary.

    2. The log backup failed...

  • RE: Reclaim space after dropping a table


  • RE: counting number of dys in a specified month

    tkshiv20 42687 (8/18/2010)

    IF Exists (

    select 1 where month(getdate()) IN (1,3,5,7,8,10,12)


    i am not getting the solution for the error which this code is generting, can any one help me.


    What error are...

  • RE: sp_configure table with a bit of description

    Check BoL again. It's all there in one place. Just do a search for sp_configure and then look for the relvant link, which would be:

  • RE: logshipping

    I'm pretty sure that this is possible as there's no restriction on restoring databases across different editions (save for situations were enterprise features would prevent this - for example, partition...

  • RE: not able to take backupin a differnet setup in LAN

    I don't quite understand.

    Are you trying to backup the database across the network to a UNC path? If so, make sure that the SQL Server system account...

  • RE: Performance issue between two "almost" identical SQL Servers - query speed

    Rayven (8/16/2010)

    The main two difference between the two setups is that the production server is on a virtual machine...... with drives on a high-speed SAN.

    That made be sit up.

    Have you...

  • RE: stopping index generation

    begin tran

    alter index <index_name> on <table_name> disable;

    <CURSOR>???? -- check the various articles/threads on why you might not want to do this ;)


    alter index <index_name> on <table_name> rebuild;

    commit tran

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 683 total)