sp_configure table with a bit of description

  • Hi All

    I was just querious if anybody has a list which has a brief description (2-3 lines) about each sp_configure option. e.g.

    Allow updates : Allows updates to system tables but has no effect in 2005 since changes in system tables are not supported.

    I understand you can't write everyhting about an option in 2-3 lines but it will help to atleast know in brief about all options.

    I just want to use it as a reference or may be to paste it as a calander on my desk.

    If nobody has then may be I'll prepare one and share with you guys for any corrections 🙂

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  • check BOL


  • I checke but couldn't find all options described at once place. Will be great if you have some link for that.

    Online Trainer For SQL DBA and Developer @RedBushTechnologies with 18 yrs exp.

  • Check BoL again. It's all there in one place. Just do a search for sp_configure and then look for the relvant link, which would be: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189631.aspx

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