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  • RE: Post a Twitter Status Update using T-SQL

    Steve Jones - SSC Editor (2/2/2012)

    Kelly Connor (2/2/2012)

    Twitter is for twits.

    Maybe, but there is a large, very active SQL Server community on twitter and we use it daily to bond,...

  • RE: Help needed! database recovery from .mdf (only)

    USE master;


    EXEC sp_attach_single_file_db @dbname = 'YourDatabase',

    @physname = N'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data\YourDatabase_Data.mdf';

    make sure there isn't a YourDatabase_log.ldf in there


    USE [master]


    CREATE DATABASE [YourDatabase] ON

    ( FILENAME =...

  • RE: Help needed! database recovery from .mdf (only)

    Yea just delete that log file (or move it) and try again.

    I've gotten that error before. Quick easy fix.

  • RE: Help needed! database recovery from .mdf (only)

    Where did you get your mdf from? Was it a clean shutdown?

    If so, you can try sp_attach_single_file_db or CREATE DATABASE [dbname] FOR ATTACH

  • RE: a=b=c?

    @Jeff, your audience must be on a more advanced level than mine here. I usually have to explain even the concept of a common table expression: "It's almost like a...

  • RE: a=b=c?

    Highly offended. :angry:

    Just kidding. I was fine back on the second or third post. You guys kind of blew it up (like that rbar picture).

    It's been an enjoyable read though.

  • RE: a=b=c?

    I see your point but at the same time they have removed other functions that I HAVE used.

    I guess this one can't really be replaced.

    thanks for your insight though.

  • RE: a=b=c?

    I was just going for 3 variables but I do appreciate the explanation.

    So if ALL isn't useful. Why still keep it around? MSSQL is released every couple years. You'd...

  • RE: a=b=c?

    Thanks Sean, but I'm not sure that would work.

    DECLARE @a int = 123,

    @b-2 int = 0 ,

    @C int =102733019

    select case when


  • RE: a=b=c?

    Oh good ol proofs. Discrete math, how I miss thee.

    I need to have the logic in place so that if one is zero, the whole thing still works. Like this:


  • RE: Updating parent variables from a child package

    After reading this and trying it out, I not only got it to work, I even understand it!

    Even though it's an old topic, it helped me out a lot.

    Thanks people!

  • RE: Replication issue - invalid column name

    On that note make sure that it's 'reason' and not "reason" in the SP's

    SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON could make that blow up.

    It might be worth it to set up profiler and...

  • RE: Negotiating Your Raise Before Your Annual Review

    mosaic-287947 (5/30/2011)

    sturner (5/24/2011)

    I don't understand the meaning of mediocre and always put for forth 110% ... and yes, I'm worth more than 5%.... anytime anywhere.

    I admire your self-confidence but (with...

  • RE: The DBA of the Future

    I think DBAs are going to have to learn BI. I recently went to a MS BI conference and learned a lot.

    It was a little wake up call though when...

  • RE: Combine multiple rows into single output

    Actually I fixed this problem. I added an index on the table that I used in the function. This sped things right back up.

    Have you tried adding some indexes?

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