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    Jeff Moden wrote:

    Do you have a short example or suggestion of when data profiling can withstand a per element tolerance of +/- 2 percent other than polls?

    Quite honestly, I can't be...

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    Good question to showcase a new feature!

    From a BI/DS perspective, this is potentially very useful for data profiling.

  • Reply To: A chart of costs in R

    Had to take a wild guess here, as Unit_Cost doesn't seem to be available in the data frame...

  • Reply To: Counting the Groups in R

    Interesting question.

    As an R novice, it's extremely difficult to deduce from the referenced documentation that COUNT can do this. None of the (rather terse) examples outline this simple use.

  • Reply To: Bad Error Handling

    Great question (albeit a tad nefarious!)

    And this is precisely why both semi-colons and AS for aliases should always be used!

  • Reply To: @@CURSOR_ROWS -m Flag

    Well, I managed to guess how the author arrived at what was designated as the correct answer. But clearly, that is a gross misunderstanding of the cited article from BOL.

  • Reply To: More Memory Optimized Table Limitations

    A bit iffy, this one. Change tracking cannot be enabled on a database that contains In-Memory OLTP objects. And CDC is only available from CU15 and up.

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    Read the question, and thought: I'm not going to touch this with a ten-foot pole, until it has been reviewed. The discussion bears this out...

    On a side note: It used...

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    Carlo Romagnano wrote:

    Sorry for [semi]colon 🙂

    It's all right for error, because GO is a batch separator: @x is declared in the first batch and not in the second. It's the same...

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    Carlo Romagnano wrote:

    A semicolumn is missing after the two exclamation mark.

    Here's from BOL:

    Supported SQLCMD Syntax

    The Database Engine Query Editor supports the following SQLCMD script keywords:


    Except that's a colon, not a semi-colon...

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    IMHO wrote:

    Yeah, definitely in SQLCMD mode.  I use it alot. I tried

    !! GO

    as well.

    Confirmed. I went ahead and tried the same as you. In SSMS you get...

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    IMHO wrote:

    I get an error when I use !!GO:

    'Go' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    But i can use:


    March 13, 2020 at 3:13 pm


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    I read that article right up to the line preceeding the one with the pertinent information.

    Now I must finish my coffee!

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    Good question! Can we expect one for proper next? 🙂

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    Jeff Moden wrote:

    Heh... I wonder how many people actually got this question right without having to run the code?

    I've been using a related technique to emulate STRING_AGG, so it wasn't that...

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