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  • RE: Snoops

    Uh oh. Somebody got out of the cranky side of bed this morning.

    In my experience, unless you're in a union shop you really can't afford to be that literal...

  • RE: Snoops

    Take the moral high road by not snooping and you'll end up in front of some executive committee explaining how the pirated software/porn/viruses ended up on your system and resulted...

  • RE: Get concatenated value for a column without cursor

    Virtuoso coding, certainly, but why not take advantage of SQL Server's ability to create custom aggregation functions? Microsoft's example can be found here:

  • RE: Company Rewards

    I think employers underestimate the value of giving geeks paid time to play with new technology. There's not a lot of cost there, especially if you can work it...

  • RE: Continuing Education

    I agree, education is great. Now I think we've beaten that particular topic to death, Steve. Can we talk about something else?

    What about the need to take control...

  • RE: The Missing Certification

    I think developers ought to take certification out of the hands of Microsoft (for which certification is simply a lucrative side business driven by HR departments which can't be bothered...

  • RE: Usage Based Pricing

    Wow! I had to look at the replies just to see how many geeks had a hissy fit about the difference between average and median. Not one! ...

  • RE: Timing is Everything

    How you store the date is less important than how you retrieve it.

    I inherited an application in which every SQL query had a WHERE clause based on <event time field>...

  • RE: The R2 Penalty

    In most businesses, because they deal with physical inventory, there don't subtely increase their prices in this manner.

    Ha! I think you ought to read the book "The Undercover Economist"...

  • RE: Safety in Numbers

    I agree with GSquared. There's no magic number; it depends on how much time might pass before problems are detected and how hard it is to recreate the data...

  • RE: Perfect is the Enemy of Good

    That the proposed solution meets the requirements of the client/user is simply a given (assuming of course they don't violate the laws of physics or of the state).

    I think goodness...

  • RE: Perfect is the Enemy of Good

    Seems pretty straight forward to me:

    if effort_required_to_do_it_right < effort_required_to_hack_it_together + SUM(effort_required_to_fix_it * probability_fix_is_required) then




    end if


  • RE: Is Unit Testing Important?

    I'd be willing to bet that the reason most people don't unit test is not because it's boring; it's because the boss wanted the solution yesterday. Boredom would be...

  • RE: A Bad Litmus Test

    Whew! If it weren't for the fact that I'm enough of a geezer to remember Knuth and Thompson I'd have failed that one. 😉

    At least this interview test...

  • RE: The Value of Experience

    I agree. DBAs need to get out more.

    I once had a DBA ask me if I'd mind phoning a client for him because he "didn't like talking to clients".


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)