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  • Reply To: Can We Please Stop Sending Passwords Over the Wire?

    Even the best protocol can be poised with poor practices.

  • Reply To: Introduction to STRING_SPLIT function in SQL

    The problem with this solution is that the UDF assumes the same order of rows as the substrings in the input string, while the documentation for string_split says the order...

  • RE: Database Development Made Easy?

    The deployment worked, but there wasn't data in the column that had been dropped, and added back. Why not, asked the developer?

    IMHO, that kind of person can't...

  • RE: Find double records within DateTime range

    This works with sql server 2008 too.

    create table #dates


    RecordId int primary key clustered

    ,RecordDate datetime


    insert #dates


  • RE: RTRIM is not working as expected

    Paul Hernández (4/22/2015)

    Hi Tom, thanks for your answer.

    Please forget my first post, I copied and pasted the query that SSAS issues, therefore contains this weird aliasing.

    Here is a better...

  • RE: The Right and Wrong of T-SQL DML TRIGGERs (SQL Spackle)

    Good article. It highlights the most common mistake made in triggers by developers coming to sql server from other databases which usually have row level triggers.

    However, the example is strange....

  • RE: Remove data from tables

    Toreador (3/6/2015)

    chgn01 (3/5/2015)

    Sorry for the error on choice d). I did test for each choices. Not sure how it happen. Could Steve Jones please change it from...

  • RE: Overcoming the OPENQUERY Record Limit

    What's wrong with output to a file/device/pipe?

    It was a common practice in the age of dos.

    It's still a common practice on unix systems.

    Most modern windows users have the black-textmode-window-fobia....

  • RE: Supported spatial data formats

    Should be in humor category. 🙂 It says "select 5", 6th is so amusing that the correct answer is obvious even if you know nothing about the answers.

  • RE: seeking advice: is #temp table for calendar days-of-year possible for a sproc that supports a websites reporting needs


    From info you posted it appears you have a denormalized entity with property names and activity => no activity means no record in table, so right join to a calendar...

  • RE: Testing is Your Best Investment

    Definitely agree.

    Writing tests (and documentation) is also a "simplicity test". If a feature can't be tested in a simple way, it's probably a good moment to rethink and redesign the...

  • RE: Sensor Data

    webrunner (9/3/2013)

    Fascinating idea. Does anyone have any suggestions for sites or books that discuss how to integrate a sensor and a SQL database? Sounds like that would be fun to...

  • RE: Return

    There is no resultset. Procedure returns just an integer. There is a huge difference between no resultset and empty resultset. Since there was no such answer, all answers are wrong....

  • RE: Timestamps

    Well, nice one.

    To all those complaining about losing points... If you answer correctly, you just get the confirmation about your knowledge and are awarded with a point, if you fail,...

  • RE: Nested triggers 1

    L' Eomot Inversé (4/30/2013)

    After that I'll maybe revert to my old question style and submit things that test knowledge and not ability to execute code in one's head (instead of...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 202 total)