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  • RE: Help us Improve our Logo

    Excellent eye! Yes, they need the same light source.

    As far as size, I made the drafts larger to show details. The final logo size is up to the guys, but my...

  • RE: SQL Server Web Data Administrator

    Web Data Administrator


    The Web Data Administrator is a utility program implemented in ASP.NET that enables you to easily manage your SQL Server data wherever you are. Using its built-in features,...

  • RE: Asynchrous Execution with C#

    Great article and timely as I have been wondering about coming changes in SQL Server "Yukon" as they relate to modifications in connection providers. Will you please consider updating this fine...

  • RE: What makes a good developer?

    You guys discussed many of the criteria for developing good software, but did we satisfy the initial question? "What makes a good developer?"

    Curiosity gets you into programming, but a good...

  • RE: How do you do programming?

    There are many aspects to “programming” What specific areas hold your interest? Are you thinking as a stand-alone programmer or as a team member?

    Each area effects the others. There are...

  • RE: Is Windows 2003 Really Faster?

    Capture info on the services that are running and any other appications or processes --- as well as the usual motherboard, memory specs, CPU, and BIOS version, BIOS settings and...

  • RE: DTS Package output


    In SQL 2000, open the Transform Data Task Properties dialog and select the error reporting you want.

    If you use scripting or program in VB you can set transaction flags on...

  • RE: SQL Server VS. Oracle

    Joseph said:

    One point I have not seen, is that how well Oracle and SLQ Server work depend largely on the people involved.

    You have to have people that know...

  • RE: SQL Server VS. Oracle

    It has been interesting watching this horse race unfold over the years. SS has been adding technology (from the competition) with each version.

    While I am a fan or SQL Server...

  • RE: Benefits of multiprocessors

    Solid-state memory cards are great, expensive, and not cost-effective for every application. However, they reduce the slowest bottleneck in the chain, the hard drives.

    Get a good book on SQL...

  • RE: Death of the Production DBA

    A good developer needs to understand the DBA role; the problems and the tools.

    Team with your DBAs to deliver a better product.

    Rob -- developer in large shop

    Caution: Avid Learner.

  • RE: Is certification really valued

    After years of leading successful projects I notice who I liked to work on my projects. It was the guys with the know-how AND the make-it-happen attitude that helped make...

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