Is Windows 2003 Really Faster?

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  • Rob4441

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    Capture info on the services that are running and any other appications or processes --- as well as the usual motherboard, memory specs, CPU, and BIOS version, BIOS settings and hard drive types and specs.

  • Francis Apel

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    While "Physical Disk\%Disk Time" and "Processor\% Processor Time" are useful, I find "Physical Disk \ Avg. Disk Queue Length" and "System \ Processor Queue Length" much more informative, especially on a busy server. These two are some of MY favorites.

    Good luck on your testing. I'm very curious to know the outcome as we will be weighing the decision of installing 2000 or 2003 on one of our new clustered SQL Servers shortly.


  • chrisleonard


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    This is a great idea. I see that somebody else already posted the same idea, but since this is a democracy <g>, I'd like to reiterate that the request to include disk queue length and processor queue length in the set of captured counters.



  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    I'd like to add as well that %Disk Idle time is a great and more informative counter for how busy the disk is. The %Disk Time suffers from some issues with how it gathers data.

    Steve Jones

  • David.Poole

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    Are there any updates on this?

    The article left off where you were about to upgrade an IIS/SQL box. Has this been done yet and what were the results?

    He was not wholly unware of the potential lack of insignificance.

  • Ferguson


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    Also interested in updates. We are going to do almost exactly the same thing.

    Also, is the IIS services you are running ASP.NET based by any chance? We're wondering not just about performance but application compatibility.

  • Joel Neils


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    Where are the test results posted.. it must have been upgraded by now?

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  • GeBlack

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    The article has floated to the top of the headlines again, but still no update on results?

  • theBainster

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    With such a buildup I was expecting to see some results.  Since this was a year ago I just KNEW there were going to be the actual results...but wait..umm...where are they?  After a year we still don't have results?


  • dronator2k

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    So, any results yet? 

    Adrian Porter

  • Ninja's_RGR'us

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    Gonna restart the thread.. Where are the results?

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