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  • Reply To: SCOM Alert: MSSQL 2014: SQL Server cannot authenticate using Kerberos

    You'll want to go thru the SCOM Management Pack for SQL guide and probably configure a 'run as' profile.  (And you can configure that profile to only be distributed...

  • RE: Create Table FAILED!?

    Hany Helmy (12/30/2014)

    Wow :w00t: 41% didn`t know about the "Extra comma in column list" will not prevent you from creating a table.

    I didn't. And after a few hundred "Incorrect...

  • RE: Installing a clustered SQL 2012 instance is extremely slow

    Fresh install on Windows 2012 R2, building new cluster, default instance, it's taking several minutes between screen during the Install... starting when it asked for credentials. I did see...

  • RE: Order My Data

    *sigh* Add my voice to the multitude who reiterate definitively that only the ORDER BY guarantees achieving the desired result. :ermm: Tossing indexes on the table hoping...

  • RE: Minimum Number of VLFs

    Picked four as well because of a performance blog I read years ago[/url], and the number four stuck in my head. Sounds like the correct answer is a special...

  • RE: What's in a name?

    This question will be fun for the poor soul who attempts to answer the question in 2017 and tries to guess what might have been considered 'current' way back in...

  • RE: The US Holiday

    Thomas Abraham (7/4/2013)

    Thanks for the question Steve. However, in the spirit of harmonic international relations, I propose that we extend the same courtesy to other countries: August 1st for Switzerland,...

  • RE: The US Holiday

    And just to add a link 'cause I didn't see one in the answer, and because I couldn't remember if Keywords were blue, or system tables... here's the SQL 2008...

  • RE: How does SQL pronounce SQL?

    Christian Buettner-167247 (6/28/2013)

    Love the question 🙂 Didn't know I was working with a sick whale:

    SELECT DIFFERENCE('Sql','sickwhale')


    omg. This made my day! Thank you. When I get home tonight,...

  • RE: Lock Escalation Limit

    (from the question today)

    > [...]triggers Lock Escalation (i.e. Row lock to Page level lock)

    This would seem to refer to an event that sets off the mental alarms...

    (from the reference)

    > The...


    *scratches head* >The highest quantity sold to any custid is 50

    A 72

    B 47

    C 56

    D 30



    zerko (4/28/2013)

    Tom, yes I noted the deprecation issue - it's not that ...

    Question says "Which of the following hints require the word WITH? (choose 3) "

    Explanation says "table hints...


    Actually I'd argue that it's still an excellent question, and certainly promoted learning. The only issue was a 'distractor' that was actually more correct than the intended correct answer....


    mbova407 (3/12/2013)

    First, Like others have said the question is subjective.

    Second, The answer of "Dates which get matched will be returned" is always correct because that is what an inner...

  • RE: Basic SQLCMD Utilities

    (Bob Brown) (2/22/2013)

    Badly worded question but with some research was able to get the three most likely answers that were either deprecated in 2012 or non-existent in 2012!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 90 total)