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  • RE: Multi-Select Parameters for Reporting Services


    I have been using all these solutions and finally settled for a CLR function that I found on the Internet.

    It works great for me.



    using System;

    using System.Data;

    using System.Data.SqlClient;

    using System.Data.SqlTypes;

    using Microsoft.SqlServer.Server;

    public partial...

  • RE: New Features in Reporting Services 2005


    Regarding the interactive sort, What would be the best way to set the initial sort order?

    - Sort the data at the database level with ORDER BY in the query (temps...

  • RE: Running a Query Using a Text File for Input


    It would have been good to mention that in SQL 2005, you can achieve the same result much more easilly by using a simple Merge Join Data flow transformation.

  • RE: Data At Home

    I have around 500 GB, going short with all the tivo, family movies and sound stuff I store and manipulate. Will buy some more drives shortly. not sure what, probably...

  • RE: Global Talent


    As far as hiring offshore people for DBA or developer jobs, I must say that it is very difficult to find the right people and keep them. You have a...

  • RE: The Effect of NOLOCK on Performance


    Here is my personal takes on nolock.

    I am working on a reporting environment where data refreshes occurs once a day. Thereafter, I can see only scores of Queries or Stored...

  • RE: Query Performance very slow with PTS/Exel 2003

    Try to run a SQL Profiler trace on Analysis Services when you refresh the Excel 2003 pivot and look at the MDX query then try to use a native Excel...

  • RE: A Bit About 64-bit

    This article as well as other articles on the topic specifically speak about Itanium processor.

    I would like to know if one can expect similar behavior on an Opteron machine.


  • RE: Why Upgrade?

    For us the most compelling reason to upgrade right now is the Analysis Services speed improvement. I could achieve a 10 fold speed improvement with SQL2005 versus SQL2000. We have...

  • RE: Automating DTS Execution


    I too find quite unstable to use the run package task within a DTS and use the Jobs instead to chain the DTS.

    For portability reasons, I do not let the standard...

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)