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  • RE: Too Large a Workload?

    I have always believed that I.T. staff is overworked. There are times when I've enjoyed it; times when I've been overwhelmed. There are those in management that have unrealistic expectations....

  • RE: Retain leading zero's while exporting SSRS report to excel

    kk.86manu (1/28/2015)

    Hi All,

    I have a query in a SSRSreport that returns a value that looks like '012345'.The value looks fine on the report preview screen.

    When the report is exported to...

  • RE: ID or Id

    I prefer to use EyeDee as in ProductEyeDee.


  • RE: Are the posted questions getting worse?

    Sioban Krzywicki (1/21/2015)

    Hi everyone,

    I have a bit of an announcement and a question.

    I'm Transgender. I've come out as a woman in nearly every aspect of my life now and am...

  • RE: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Living in the U.S., I shudder at the thought of government interference in business. If I'm in a situation where I feel overworked, I will find a new employer. It's...

  • RE: The Identity Limit

    An identity has no limit itself. It depends on the datatype used for the field.


  • RE: Employee or Consultant?

    I have been both. I am preparing for "retirement" from being an employee. Although I intend to slow down, I will likely return to consulting.

    For me, it's about variety. I...

  • RE: We Want Maturity, But Is It Fun?

    The most fun I have is to have a visible impact on my customers. Bureaucracy removes that visibility and creates barriers to communicating directly with the users. The worst job...

  • RE: Kitchen Culture

    I worked at a place that had full cafeteria service as well as a full kitchen to cook your own meals. It seemed like a dream job but it was...

  • RE: Deleting Data

    There is a balance that we can strive for. The openness of the web was looked at as a good thing. It assumed that all who used it would be...

  • RE: SQL Jokes & Riddles!!!

    Table1: I thought you loved only me!?!

    Table2: But, honey, I do!!!

    Table1: Then why are you messing around with a foreign key?

    He was dissapointed when he found out that she had...

  • RE: The Last Job

    don.schaeffer (12/12/2014)

    I hope it's the last job as I've got just a few years to retirement but if things go downhill at my current position I will move.

    Someone mentioned mentoring...

  • RE: The Last Job

    My current job is my last full time IT job. I retire Jan. 30, 2015. I plan on pursuing the following: (no particular order)




    Jazz trumpet


    Watch the surf come in...

  • RE: Citizen Programmers

    As professionals I believe we should recognize citizen programmers and offer to mentor them in proper techniques. I have done this several times with good results. One thing you find...


    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (12/10/2014)

    Interesting question, thanks Shiva

    Never thought of doing an implicit cross join of two VALUES constructs before...

    Same here. That's what caught my attention.

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