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  • RE: Scripting MS SQL Server 2008 installation

    Every thing is looks find except QUIET="False" as you told, you are doing silent installtion then its suppose to be TURE.



  • RE: Customized Log shipping configuration in SQL 2005 Enterprice Edition

    Thanks for the replay,

    But problem is that user want the data should be reflected in every 15 mins and when loc1 goes down the loc2 should be up and working.


  • RE: Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database.


    When I'm trying to fetch the records by right client is working for me and when its fetching through application ....failure.

    The database name is automatically fetch by application we're not...

  • RE: Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database.

    Thanks for the reply, but its not the case sencitive database\server.

    Complete Error


    06:49:09 Database system user [sa] does not have the necessary permissions on the DB server



    Hi Raymond

    This process is might be associated with RESOURCE GOVERNER, that is

    new feature in SQL2008 for better resource utilization.


    Nitin Gupta

  • RE: Database is in recovery status.

    Yes, its right very first step is find out the problem root cause but if you not have any logs and you are unable to find out the RC, wt...

  • RE: Database is in recovery status.

    Might be it's not work in this case but I have done this previously as I got my database is in recovery mode. I just stop the SQL services, rename...

  • RE: Backups Fails

    According to my previous experience I faced this error many times and its failed just because of disk space availability. check your disk space and make room for the backup...

  • RE: public role for a whole DB

    There is one simple option as well, If you want to distribute all your information publically, do one thing assign the read permission to public role for your database.

    In such...

  • RE: recovery model for System Databases

    First of all its totally depends on your environment but as per standard practice System Databases (Master, Model and msdb) should in Full recovery mode.

    As all of that databases recording...

  • RE: How to move the mdf and ldf file location from one drive to another drive


    No problem if you are going to move your databases through dynamic script for every database, Its takes time and rick too.

    The better way to move is write a dynamic...

  • RE: Database is in recovery status.


    If you are sure that, there is no recovery is started from your end and if the environment is not associated with production In such case you can follow the...

  • RE: multiple backups at one time


    Yes, In same cases multiple backup is available but there is possibilities of process level blocking and its better to schedule the backup on overlapping time interval or after completion...

  • RE: High CPU on the production BOX

    Hi Sandhya,

    If you are struggling with High CPU uses then it might be a problem in production environment, according to the best practice or suggested by Microsoft you have to...

  • RE: Syntex Error in Distributed query

    Please find the same kind of code.


    -- For SQL 2000

    set nocount on


    declare @server varchar(256), @ctr int

    declare @tbllist table (srvr varchar(256),id int identity)

    insert @tbllist

    select 'SHBAHYP01T'...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)