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  • Reply To: Creating a Node Table

    Think the confusion relates to the text in the Explanation, which in itself is fine but references syntax 3 but gives the right syntax from the correctly marked answer!

  • Reply To: Printing Dates

    How does 2019-01-18 end up being Sep 1, 2019 too? 😉

  • RE: FORMAT that string

    Joining the throng of questions on the answer here!!! I'm pretty sure it is currently wrong!

  • RE: The Floor

    richardmgreen1 - Monday, July 31, 2017 1:47 AM

    For me (and please remember it's very early on a Monday morning and I haven't...

  • RE: Plotting data

    I don't see how plot or barplot can be differentiated in terms of the requirement to "graph his home runs over time showing the count of each relative to the...

  • RE: ShrinkFile

    I'm sure it'll get fixed, but I'm also confused by the answer! I've also done this on a number of occasions to both Data and Log files...

  • RE: More Unicode

    HappyGeek (5/5/2016)

    SADSAC (5/5/2016)

    Felix Pamittan (5/5/2016)

    Correct answer:

    Yes, you can run this code, This returns 97


    You can run this code. The CHAR variable is converted to NCHAR and the first...

  • RE: The Big Bit

    a lovely easy start to the week- thanks.

  • RE: Who is the odd man out?

    Very vague question - and as others say, multiple ways to consider something the odd one out.

  • RE: What will happen with below code???

    Looks easy, but need to notice the Union rather than Union ALL!!! Really need to read the question carefully...

  • RE: NULL Aggregates

    I can see where all the doubt in this question arises - as discussed. Only saving grace is the statement in the Aggregate Function link, which states:

    Except for COUNT, aggregate...


    Missread the intention of the query. Knew NOCOUNT would return no counts, but thought it was about what should have been returned! Doh!!!

    Nice question and interesting use of the two...

  • RE: Random unions

    Great simple question... Was looking for the catch, and very glad there wasn't one!

  • RE: Merge Targets

    Agree, that I want my point back.

    The only thing I can add is that Either should be an option given that the column definitions actually differ! Thus if it...

  • RE: Hypervisor

    Nice easy question for the end of the week, especially given the selection of answers!!! 😀


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