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  • RE: Data Reconcilliation Reports

    Tm - this is absolutely useful and this is what we thought about exactly, our complication is only with the fact that there are about 500 Million records in the...

  • RE: How to split Delimited text

    Thank you all for providing such wide variety of solutions to this problem. Performance is not the need for our problem so it will work with any of the solutions...

  • RE: Datamart Design Methodology

    Thanks for the suggestions, I agree it was extremly vague description of the initiative unfortunately it is in the conceptualization state. Do you suggest us going through some proof of...

  • RE: 4 Pane Layout in SSRS

    One of the ways you could explore is to make use of the filters in dynamic way to display on the record from the data set that you would like...

  • RE: SSRS 2008 Reports with Default Parameter Values

    Yes I am using the ID as a parameter.

    I will specify an example: Lets suppose I have parameter fruit and I want to display Apple as my default value...

  • RE: What would be the apt certification?

    I have worked with SQL Server 2005 and have started working with the 2008 suite. The same prompted me to work with Reporting services 2005 and 2008.

  • RE: Alternatives to Stored Procedure

    Thanks very much all of you guys. I certainly think these thoughts would help us better organize going forward. I appreciate all of you taking time out for posting your...

  • RE: Alternatives to Stored Procedure

    I think you pretty much got it right. Yea and you invariably end up calling one base stored proc from quite a lot of stored procs and it gets messy.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)